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Saturday 18 July 2015

Style icon: Martin Freeman

In which G.M. Norton reveals his true feelings for Martin Freeman.

I love Martin Freeman. There, I've said it.

Not in a 'accompany-me-to-a-leafy-glade' kind of way, of course. More of a 'crikey, he knows how to dress well'.

That's why the Hobbit actor deserves a place at the top table in Norton of Morton's list of style icons.

Like many, my first sight of Martin was as love-lorn Tim Canterbury in BBC sitcom, The Office. Film roles followed including The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, before more recent success as Dr Watson in the Beeb's Sherlock. Of course, his career has reached new heights following his starring role in The Hobbit trilogy, as Bilbo Baggins.

I first started appreciating Martin's impeccable taste in clothing about four or five years ago. A keen lover of the 60s mod subculture, you will often find him dressed up in a sharp suit or more casually attired in a pair of vintage Levi selvedge jeans and a John Smedley knit.

What I like about Mr Freeman is that he may not be classically handsome or particularly tall, but the way he presents himself means that he is instantly elevated in the eyes of those that come into contact with him.

He's quite bold in his clothing choices too. He doesn't play it safe in plain fabrics - his peacock tendencies mean that he picks something that will get noticed. All the details are observed too - tie pins, pocket squares, gleaming shoes. This man puts a tremendous amount of thought and effort into his looks. 

Given his mod leanings, he will quite often opt for button-up shirts with no tie. Mr Freeman pulls this off with ease. 

Keep up the good work, Sir! Your efforts are certainly being appreciated.

G.M. Norton
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  1. A well-dressed gentleman.
    You know, to me, he's still (and might always be) the "Arthur Dent" from the freshest version of Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.
    Funny, ah? :)


    1. I quite enjoyed his Arthur Dent character. Not his finest sartorial hour walking around in his dressing gown but we've all been caught short as home and planet are faced with demolition.


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