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Saturday 16 May 2015

First fashion foray at The Vintage Emporium

In which G.M. Norton frequents a vintage shopping extravaganza and knocks back bubbly.

A couple of weeks ago, my beloved and I were invited to attend a vintage fashion show at The Vintage Emporium which recently opened in Stockport.
For those who remember such things, I attended a fashion show last summer, organised by Mint Vintage and a number of other vintage traders across the north west of England. Since then, the traders have formed together as The Vintage Emporium and set up shop in an enormous Edwardian building by the name of Pear Mill.
This was my first foray to this enormous vintage shopping paradise and I must say, I was mightily impressed! Spread across a gigantic two floors, there are around 50 traders that have their own permanent space but you purchase goodies at one central point.

Before the fashion show got underway, my beloved and I perused the goods. Sadly, on the day of my visit, payday was two weeks away and to say I was short of cash would be an under-understatement.  
It was absolute torture admiring all the clothing, homeware and collectables on offer but it has made me want to dash back so I can snap up everything in sight (I'm not sure my bank manager will be too pleased though).
I find that usually, vintage-loving men are a little neglected with perhaps a tiny rail of 80s clobber while the rest of the area is jam-packed with things for the lady. Not so here, chumrades! The Vintage Emporium is home to Vintage Man About Town, Kuhl Vintage and Froggy Went Courting
After browsing, we noticed an expectant crowd gathering eager to claim their front row seats for the fashion show. Not being particularly pushy sorts, we continued admiring the different stalls before joining the end of a very long queue. How British!

Upon arrival on the second floor where the fashion show was being held, we were greeted like old friends by the lovely people at the Vintage Emporium and a glass of Champagne was thrust into our hands.

I really enjoyed the fashion show. Starting with the 1940s, the models reappeared in clothing from each subsequent decade, right up to the 1980s. The musical accompaniment to which the models strutted their vintage stuff matched the particular era. It was quite superb.

Here are a few pictorials from the vintage fashion show, taken by photographer extraordinaire, Mr Terry McNamara.

As you can see, they even had quite the range of vintage children's clothing. Don't the little ones look adorable?

After the fashion show, we explored the second floor to have a sneak peek at the period furniture which The Vintage Emporium will soon be offering for sale. Like the clothing and homeware on the first floor, it is all extremely reasonable in price. 

We had great fun. The Vintage Emporium is conveniently located just off the motorway and has free parking. Open throughout the week, it is well worth taking a good look around. For the sake of your own sanity, please do bring some money.

I'll leave you with one of my favourite pictorials, again taken by Terry McNamara. Yes that's right, I have quite the penchant for the chap on the end (in the smoking jacket, that is).

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'


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  1. We were there to and can't resist calling in at least once a month. Hubby Philip picked up a fabulous three piece Italian suit for £30. He also bought one of the tops that a male model had on.


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