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Saturday 28 February 2015

It came out all write in the end

In which G.M. Norton urges you to get the latest copy of In Retrospect magazine.

As a keen writer, I feel fortunate to have written for four published magazines to date.

It all began with Pretty Nostalgic, the beautifully crafted magazine-book. Sadly, after penning three gentleman’s guides, my involvement with them seems to have reached a natural end.

Then there was the short-lived His Vintage Life, the little brother of Her Vintage Life. Why they can’t just have one publication aimed at both sexes still confuses me. Featured in two out of three issues, at least they had the decency to inform me of their demise by letter. 

Ernest Journal arrived on the scene last year, put together by the former editor of Pretty Nostalgic. I have a soft spot for Ernest. So far, I've been fortunate to review soaps, colognes and shaving paraphernalia. My bathroom has never smelled so good.

The fourth and final publication is In Retrospect, created by a vintage loving and passionate holy trinity of Mat Keller, Becca Mountfield and Alex Backhouse. Their vision made perfect sense - to produce a truly vintage publication, penned by people that are genuinely interested in vintage. 

I was honoured to be approached to write for them and so far, it has been quite the journey. Following a number of digital issues, they successfully raised enough pieces of paper with the Queen's visage on (via Kickstarter) to get the printing press whirring into action. Following a magazine launch party in Brighton, which I was sadly unable to travel to, I'm delighted to report that Issue 2 is out this coming Monday 2nd March! 

Issue 2 is quite special as I acted in the capacity of copy editor for this edition of the magazine. It was jolly good fun! I’ve edited a whole heap of magazines as part of my humdrum 9-5 but these articles were much more my cup of tea! 

I have two articles in this issue covering subjects involving Salvador Dali, love and overcoats. One of them includes some super illustrations too.

In Retrospect is available to pre-order or you can save yourself the bother of remembering to buy each magazine every three months by biting the bullet and subscribing to the thing. You know it's the decent thing to do.

Lots of wonderful contributors have put pen to paper for your reading pleasure including Gemma from the fabulous Retro Chick, the lovely Ava Aviación, Mim from Crinoline Robot and my good chum, Bruce Partington-Plans over at Eclectic Ephemera. 

It is positively brimming with splendid stories to read and digest. In order to tempt you to buy the whole magazine, there are some teaser articles on the In Retrospect webular site.

Anyway, I'm off to plot and scheme so I'll see you next week. Toodle pip!

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of ‘Norton of Morton’

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