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Saturday 30 November 2013

Long live the Kings Arms Vintage Fair

In which G.M. Norton visits a local tavern, but rather unexpectedly, without the intention to get utterly blotto. 

As a fellow who enjoys a refreshing libation from time to time, when I was invited to sample the delights of a vintage fair held in a local drinking tavern, I didn't need much persuading.  

Organised by the lovely Paula Duffy off of Mint Vintage, the Kings Arms Vintage Fair is a monthly affair, which first sprung to life in May of this year. 

With stallholders offering a range of clothing, homeware and collectables, it is a super little way to spend a few hours. 

I’ve been a patron of the Kings Arms on a handful of occasions. 
Situated in Salford, but literally on the doorstep of Manchester, it is a well-loved eclectic establishment with a knitting group using it as a regular meeting spot. 

I was greeted outside the hostelry by a rather exquisite sign, no doubt to lure passers-by to take a step inside this most intriguing of public houses. With a heady mix of vintage and alcohol, who could resist? 

Within moments of entering the Kings Arms, I was welcomed by Paula before making my rounds, visiting each stallholder. I had a marvellous time. The vintage vendors were all absolutely lovely and entertainment was even on hand, in the form of a Jazz songstress by the name of Eileen. 

As is the way with lots of vintage things, it was rather heavily aimed at the female of the species, with only one stallholder offering a good selection of gentleman’s attire. But I must say, what a treat it was. 

The stall in question was run by the utterly charming Phil and Kathryn from Kuhl Vintage

I had enormous fun rifling through the rails and admiring the wares on display. Naturally, I couldn’t resist buying one or two things, namely a rather fetching dressing gown which my beloved later described as “flouncy”. I quite agree, and that’s why I so adore it. 

Then there was the hacking jacket, as previously owned by a country gamekeeper. How splendid! 

Of course, I couldn’t very well step inside a public house without sampling a drop of the strong stuff so I met an old chum and his other half for a jar of the local brew. 

I will be returning to this little vintage haven. It is an utter masterstroke combining such a fine watering hole with equally fine vintage odds and ends. A potent cocktail, if ever there was one. 

Long live the Kings Arms Vintage Fair!

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of ‘Norton of Morton’


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